Central Ohio Minnesota Vikings Fan Club Newsletter! SKOL VIKES!

The 2013 Regular Season is here!

Finally! Football is back!
Our Vikings showed us moments of greatness during the pre-season.  2013 should be an exciting year with Adrian looking to top last year's performance, the rookie Cordarelle Patterson and veteran Greg Jennings giving us top tier receiver talent, and a crushing defense getting us back to the playoffs!

See you all on Sunday the 8th, 1PM, at Gallo's Tap Room on Bethel Road!

We Have a New and Improved Home!

Brewsky's is out.  

Gallo's is in! 

Gallo's Tap Room on Bethel Road is our home for the 2013 Viking's season.  Brewsky's has been sold and is undergoing a remodeling project that will conflict with the NFL season.  Gallo's will be a great improvement over Brewsky's.  
• Better Viewing! 3 HD Projectors
• Better Food! Half Price Specials
• Better Beer! Sunday Specials
• Better Parking!
• More Fans = More food vouchers!

Let's Give Back!

If you are able, grab any non perishable item from your pantry and bring it to Gallo's for each game!  We will collect food throughout the season and try to beat our 68 meal donation from 2012.
 - Click to see needed items
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