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I Smell Upset Cheese!

The Border Rivalry Continues

The Vikings and Packers will meet for the 106th time this Sunday.  The Vikings all time record vs the cheese is 49-55-1.  Let's think back to some great rivalry moments:
1. Randy Moss "Moons" the Crowd: Packers fans will line up as the opposing team buses pull into Lambeau and will ACTUALLY moon the team.  Randy thought it would be funny to return the favor after a touchdown during the 2005 Vikings Playoff WIN.
2. Brett Favre: Our long time enemy signs with the Vikings and leads us to a sweep of the packers in 2009.
3. 1998 Randy Moss Lambeau Debut: 190 yards and 2 Touchdowns during Monday Night Football
4. Greg Jennings: The veteran's first time vs. his old team. THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!  

Josh Freeman is a loose cannon
   -  Christian Ponder to Start!
Josh Freeman has cannon for an arm, that is for sure.  Once his fastballs are dialed he will be an offensive threat.  But just in case the QB shuffle Continues...  I think I saw a 4th QB option getting warmed up in practice this week... CLICK HERE to see our 4th QB.

Last week wasn't ALL bad...  CLICK HERE to see Jared Allen's amazing feat as he bear hugs around the defender to sack a frowny face Eli.

Upcoming Prime-Time:
We are scheduled for three prime time games over the next 4 weeks!  Make sure to plan ahead and show your Vikings Spirit at Gallo's Tap Room!

We have three Adrian Peterson Jerseys!  Sizes L, XL, and XXL.  During the remaining three prime time games we will be using our 50/50 raffles to give away one Jersey Per Game.  If you win, you get CASH + a jersey from the remaining sizes!!!!

Join Us At Gallo's Sunday to See:  
Sunday 10/27/2013 at 8:30PM

AP Jersey Raffle #2
50/50 raffle with cash + Jersey!
If you win, get 50% of the money
AND a jersey!!!!!!!!

Available sizes: L, XL, XXL

 Half Off Orders of:
 Fried Cheese Sticks!
$2.50 22oz Bud Light/Miller Light
$2.50 22oz Abita Purple Haze
 - Beer brewed with raspberry
$3.00 Freeman Overthrow Shots

Upcoming Games:

Week 9 Sunday 11/3 1:00PM
Dallas Cowpies
 - Half Off Homemade Sausage Panini

Week 10 Thursday 11/7 8:20PM
  Washington Potato Skins
 - Half Off Loaded Potato Skins
 - AP Jersey Raffle # 3

Week 11 Sunday 11/17 4:25PM
 Seattle Seagulls
 - POT LUCK DAY!!!!!!!!
 - AP Jersey Raffle # 4

Week 12 Sunday 11/24 1:00PM
 Cheese Bay Lackers
 - Half Off Grilled Cheese Panini

Week 13 Sunday 12/1 1:00PM
 Chicago Pears
 - Half Off Bear Meatball Panini
 - Old Jersey Day!!!  Wear your previous player jerseys!

Week 14 Sunday 12/8 1:00PM
 Baltimore Turkeys
 - Half Off Turkey Melt Panini

Week 15 Sunday 12/15 1:00PM
 Philadelphia Chickens
 - Half Off 7 Herb Chicken Sandwich
 - Gift Exchange Day!!!!!!!

Week 16 Sunday 12/22 1:00PM
 Cincinatti Svengali 
 - Half Off Big Easy Sandwich

Week 17 Sunday 12/29 1:00PM
 Detroit Kittens
 - Half Off Veg Head Panini
 - Last Game in the Dome!!!


November is almost here.  If you are able, bring a non-perishable item from the list of most needed things FOUND HERE
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