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Vikings vs da Bears!

Sunday 12/1/2013 at 1:00PM

Sunday Afternoon Revenge?
The game that should have been... The last time the Vikings and Bears battled, Cutler beat us by 1 point in the last 10 seconds!  ARGH.  Let's cheer on the Purple and Gold this Sunday at Gallo's Tap Room as we go on a bear hunt!

Old Jersey Day!!!
Dig deep into your closet and pull out your older Vikings Jerseys!  Let's rock the Vintage Vikings Style this Sunday by wearing your old stuff!


You gave a record donation!!
THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED! After using our 50/50 proceeds from last week to buy more food items, we combined that with the food that was collected over the past 12 weeks and dropped off 220 pounds of food at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank!  That CRUSHED the previous record of 68 pounds!  We look forward to next season when we can try to set the bar even higher!

Join us at Gallo's Tap Room this Sunday to see:  
Sunday 12/1 at 1:00PM

Half Price Special: 
"BearMeat" Panini

Hand-made Italian Meatballs, Sliced Thin & Topped with Aged Provolone, Traditional Italian Tomato Sauce, Then Panini Grilled.

$2.50 22oz Bud/Miller Light
$3.00 Bear Hunt Shots
- aka Washington Apple Shots

Upcoming Games:

Week 14 Sunday 12/8 1:00PM
 Baltimore Purple Birdies
 - Half Off Turkey Melt Panini

Week 15 Sunday 12/15 1:00PM
 Philadelphia Squawkers
 - Half Off 7 Herb Chicken Sandwich
 - Gift Exchange Day!!!!!!!

Week 16 Sunday 12/22 1:00PM
 Cincinnati Orange Cats
 - Half Off Big Easy Sandwich

Week 17 Sunday 12/29 1:00PM
 Detroit Blue Kittens
 - Half Off Veg Head Panini
 - Last Game in the Dome!!!
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