Central Ohio Minnesota Vikings Fan Club Newsletter! SKOL VIKES!

Vikings/Ravens Set NFL Record! for lead changes...

Oofda!  What a dramatic finish last week!  In Fact... The Vikings Ravens game set an NFL record for the most lead changes ever in the 4th quarter!! Six lead changes! 5 Touchdowns in just over 2 minutes!  Oofda!

This coming Sunday is the 2nd to last game in the Metrodome.  Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles come to Minneapolis fighting to keep their playoff spot.  Join us on at Gallo's to cheer on the Purple and Gold. Remember to have a half price chicken sandwich and bring a $20-$25 Vikings gift for the exchange.

Xmas Gift Exchange! 
Bring a $20-$25 Item!

This Sunday we will be holding our annual Christmas Gift Exchange!  

No need to sign up, just bring a wrapped $20-$25 Vikings item and join in the fun!

Upcoming Games:
Week 16 Sunday 12/22 1:00PM
 Cincinnati Bengals
 - Half Off Big Easy Sandwich
Week 17 Sunday 12/29 1:00PM
 Detroit Lions

 - Half Off Veg Head Panini
 - Last Game in the Dome!!!

Half Price Special: 
7 Herb Chicken Sandwich

Chicken with TG's special seasoning, then char-grilled to perfection.  Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Add cheese for only 25 cents more: provolone, american, pepperjack, or swiss.

$2.50 22oz Bud/Miller Light
$3.00 Blair Walsh FG Shots
- aka Purple Hooters

Thank Our Waitress! 

Felicia has been great to us all year.  In the Spirit of Christmas and Vikings Pride, remember to tip her extra well through December!
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